What is the Best Cardio for Weight Loss?

With cardio machines, it is possible to work very hard in a short period of time. This can ensure that those lunch time or morning exercises to be more efficient. However, the problem with many people is that they do not work out in the right manner. If you can manage to fix the mistakes when performing the cardio workouts, it will be possible to burn more calories for your effort.

One of the common mistakes that people make is too little resistance.   Most people allow momentum to do the workout rather than propelling the step using the leg muscles. The most important thing is to ensure that the resistance is set correctly and you and you can feel yourself and you push down the ramp when making a revolution instead of just flipping slowly.

leg strength training for runners

Another mistake is to get bored. In order to overcome this, a good idea is to do intervals as these will help you to reach a higher intensity and for  a long and sustained period. A good idea would be to engage in a blast of a period of 90 seconds in a few minutes.

A mistake that you should avoid is to hold yourself using the arms. Many people usually put hands on railing before locking elbows with the arms straight down.  This is more or less than using the crutches. To overcome this challenge, you should start by resting the hands in a light manner, on the bars for the purpose of balance. Keep the balance in an upright way as you lean slightly forward.

When the resistance is too little, this is another challenge that can prevent you to benefit from the best cardio exercises. To fix this challenge, you should ensure that you go slowly with the resistance. This will provide you with a workout that is tougher. It will also increase the heart rate while maintaining your time at the training area.

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Leg Strength Training For Runners

Are you looking forward to run faster and better? If your answer is yes,you should engage in leg strength for runners. Many athletes agree that if you would like to perform better and run faster, you will need to train more in running and improve your skills by getting into a great running program. Another puzzle is on how to engage in a well structured program for resistance training. In case a runner would like to improve her time in running for both middle and long distances, it is important for them to engage in leg strength training for runners.



When it comes to endurance training, the Journal of sports medicine reports that the most efficient and appropriate form of exercise is a strength program. This can help to improve maximal power, force as well as the reactive capabilities. This means that you should engage in a simple and no-frill strength program and ensure little or even no lifting. This will help you to see improvement when it comes to your performance in the long-term.

Strength training

You will need to incorporate strength training in your regimen as this will help to strengthen joints and muscle. This can improve your race time and decrease your risk of injury. In case you would like to perform to your full potential, ensure that you have a comprehensive approach. This means that you should target the fitness areas that you don’t normally apply a lot of attention to such as flexibility, mobility, strength and balance. For more ideas on your lower body workouts, you should contact Muscle Prodigy.