4 Qualities Of The Unbeatable Cross Fit Athletes

Today’s world is full of all sorts of information on the best training programs for cross fit athletes. Almost every athlete believes in themselves and he/she is realistic in setting their goals, but there are some attributes that differentiate the best athletes from the typical ones. Successful athletes take their training as a full time job; they can handle rejections, are not afraid to perform in the open, have a couch who knows the game; they do consultations with nutritionists, massage therapists, and physical therapists to keep them on the right tracks. Training should be the number one priority for the serious cross fit athletes. If you want to step up your athleticism, follow these four habits of the most successful athletes.

Do not underrate working with a couch

A cross fitter is a gamer and in any game, there exist unending competitions. For an athlete to keep up with rivalry there is a need for proper support network which involves coaching and mentorship programs. It is essential to seek a couch who values the long term success of an athlete. Coaching should not only help in achieving short term targets but also assure long term fitness, health, and peak performances of an athlete.

full body vs split routine

Be realistic

There is no room for lying to you as a sportsperson. Set reasonable objectives that correspond to your training. It is good to test your limits but don’t be a fool. Do not push yourself off limits; you could fail.

Apply your ultimate capacity

Giving your all means to literally surrender every single bit of your energy during workouts and ensure all exercises are completed. Even when the body and mind are inclining to rest, do not take the deal. Focus on victory because the ultimate goal is to relish the moment of being a winner on the final day of competition.

Surrender your comfort zone

A cross fit athlete ought to set goals that are perceived as ‘uncomfortable.’ Modify your goals in such a way that they are past the normal competitors’ aspirations. Under no circumstance should you settle for less than your capacity; aim for a higher notch.

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How to increase your bench press

The most famous weight lifting exercise in the gyms is the bench press. For strength training beginners, it is usually among the first workouts to be learnt. Unfortunately,most people do not know how to do it properly. Are you having problems with your current bench press techniques? This article will give you tips on how to increase your bench press.

Do proper lifting

There are proper ways to deal with the weight when bench pressing. To start with, ensure that the thumbs are firmly wrapped around the bar to prevent any accidental slip of the weight; this is a very important aspect in stabilizing the shoulders and it shows that the weight lifter is ready to press. Also, fix your two feet stably on the ground for greater strength and stability: keeping the feet on the bench or hanging in the air is very wrong. The neck should be placed at a neutral position to avoid injury. You should never curve your back or bounce any weight off your chest- this is deadly.

Build your triceps

If you want to press greater weights, you need to increase the strength of your triceps by doing for example dips and rope press-downs.

Tighten your glutes

As you bench press with the glutes squeezed, the stability of the body increases hence more power for the workout.

Boost the strength of your back

The back renders the strength and support necessary for any physical activity. A strong back is a guarantee for greater bench presses.

compound vs isolation exercises

Healthy nutrition

A healthy and clean diet works best for weight lifters. Take a lot of proteins for muscle building, moderate carbohydrates intake, and drink a lot of water to keep you hydrated. You can also take vitamin and protein supplements to boost your strength.


Breathing is extremely imperative for any exercise. Before taking the weight down, breathe deeply and then hold; then on your way up, do a slow exhalation. So, breathing is another way of attaining stability by creating tension on your chest muscles.

Take time for recovery

What most people don’t know is that rest enhances the healing process. You also require recovery periods between the sets of bench press. Most importantly get enough sleep.

Top Nutritional Tips To Build A Better Athlete

If you engage in a high intensity exercise for a period of over one hour, you will need a lot of endurance. This also call for a diet that will help you to perform at your maximum ability and also be able to recover fast. The good thing is that there are several nutritional tips that can help to build a better athlete.

chest exercises for women

Consume of carbs

The main fuel of any athlete is carbs. The body will change carbohydrates into glucose, a kind of sugar and keep it in the muscles in form of glycogen. Whenever you exercise, the glycogen is changed into energy by the body. When you exercise for less than 90 minutes, you will have enough glycogen in the muscles to enable you engage in high intensity exercises. However, if you will be working out for a longer period, you can try the following:

  • Carbs loading for a period of 3 to 4 days to increase the glycogen stores.
  • Consume a diet that has over 70 percent carbs such as cereal, bread, pasta, fruits and veggies.
  • Before a big event, consume a last meal 3 -4 hours before working out.
  • Avoid starchy or sugary foods within a period of 30 minutes prior to the beginning of an activity These can increase dehydration.

Consume proteins that are just enough

Proteins also play a role in providing fuel . This will be helpful in maintaining your muscles. However avoid taking too much protein as this may end up straining the kidneys. Milk is among the best food to eat for recovery purposes. Milk also contains whey and casein.

A normal person is supposed to consume 1.2 grams -1.4 grams of protein for each of their body weight in a day. This will translate to around 88 grams if your weight is 150 pounds. If you are a strength athlete, you will require a maximum of 1.7 grams for each kilogram of your body weight.

Motivational Tips For Weight Loss

In the recent past, the popularity of the idea that the body and mind are connected has increased. There are many claims out there that it is actually possible to attain your goal of weight loss. Hynosis, mediation and visualization techniques have become popular in weight loss. In one study, it was noted that when people visualize positive thoughts on their desired weight, they are more likely to lose weight.

Double think technique

A method that is the most effective for weight loss is what is known as the double think technique. This involves holding 2 contradictory visualizations or thoughts at one time. This will help you to remain optimistic in your expectations or whatever you plan to achieve while at the same time remaining realistic on the potential obstacles you are likely to face as you match towards the goal.

When you visualize yourself as you achieve weight loss, this will ensure that you get the ideal weight. A good idea would be to picture yourself as the weight falls off or even when you have that ideal weight. Consider some two key benefits. For instance, you can imagine a situation where you are really attractive, healthy and full of confidence. Ensure that these benefits remain personal and involve your key motivation for losing weight.

arm strength training

After this you should consider two obstacles that cause a hindrance on achieving your desired goals. It could be the temptation for ice cream after getting into an argument. You should then engage in alternate imagining as you imagine the benefits versus the obstacles. It is also important to have optimistic expectations even as you remain realistic on overcoming the obstacles and hurdles.

Will power and weight loss

There is an idea that willpower alone cannot help you in your weight loss goal. Many scientists suggest that will power is among the weakest mental processes. This is on top of the fact that the more willpower you use, the more it will tire. There are experts who suggest that if you were to rely on will power alone, it is easy to run out of it and this will not e in your best interest in weight loss.

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How To Build Biceps And Triceps

Training biceps and triceps play an important role. The role of this article is to offer an overview of the best exercises that are available as well as the training tips and programs.

When it comes to bodybuilding, no single athlete who doesn’t look forward to building biceps and triceps. This is because they are a great area for developing. When you consider their high superficiality and visibility, you can see why they signify strength than any other part of the body. When people are flexing their muscles, their interest is not to show you their calves but the biceps. To become a body building athlete or even just have some big biceps and triceps, you will need to train these parts as the associated group of muscles. Here are a few exercises that will help you to build biceps and triceps.

workouts to build mass

Standing barbell curl

You can do this exercise when standing with the dumbbell. One of your arms should be resting on the thing. Start by holding a bar with the arms facing the floor and the elbows locked one inch from the sides. Curl the weight towards your chest with the back and elbows fixed. Contact your biceps as the bar reaches the chest’s front. Resist the weight as it lowers to the floor to ensure that full stretch.

Incline dumb bell curl

This is a form of exercise that will make it possible for you to achieve the full range of motion while at the same time testing that minimal stretch at the movement’s bottom. Start by lying back on the incline bench as you hold 2 dumbbells. You should extend your arms down & back. Ensure that you have curled the dumbbells up & out with both of your hands and turn your wrist as you raise the weights. Ensure that you get back to your starting position.

The Best Cardio Exercises For Weight Loss

In the recent past, obesity has proven to be a big challenge for many people especially in developed nations. This is particularly due to our unhealthy lifestyle where we consume a lot of harmful processed foods as well as packed foods. This is on top of the lack of physical activity. The good news is that with cardio activities, it is possible to take control of your health and achieve that toned look. This is on top of the fact that you don’t have to join a gym in order to perform these workouts.

Jumping ropes

This workout is not only inexpensive but it is an age-old one that can help you to lose up to 220 calories in a period of 20 minutes. This is without doubt a good cardio workout. You can practice it anywhere in your house or even when travelling. It will help to shape the lower body muscles, legs and butt to achieve that figure you have bee envying.

Spot jogging

This is the easiest cardio workout that you can practice on a daily basis and in the luxury of your home in case you do not feel like you should hit the gym. The good news is that it is even possible to squeeze the hassle free exercises into your busy schedule. By spot jogging for a period of 30 minutes, it will be possible to burn up to 270 calories. This will also help to ensure that cardio problems are kept at bay.

chest weight training

Squat jumps

These plyometric exercises are a great choice for burning fat. They can be included in nearly all the high cardio workouts that are suitable for increasing strength. They are also effective in toning leg muscles such as quadriceps, hamstrings and calves.

Jumping jacks

This is a cardio workout that is not only high impact but is also effective in working your whole body. By jumping jacks for a period of 10 minutes, it is possible to burn up to 100 calories.

Try these best cardio workouts for weight loss and you will see results.

How To Lose Back Fat

There is no fun in having to deal with a bulge in the back. However, it is possible to get your desired shapes with just but a bit of effort. When you target certain parts of the body in your bid to burn fat, this may fail to work. The good news is that there are some tips that you can use to get results faster.


If you are wondering how to lose back fat, you will need to begin by becoming serious with cardios. The USDA reports that a good idea would be  to perform sessions that lasts for 60 minutes and for 5 days in a week. If you are searching for cardios that are more intense, you should choose interval training which should alternate between pushing the body and taking some rest. This will ensure that you benefit from the after burn effect. The body usually burns more calories when you are resting.

Best Way To Build Muscle Mass


It is advisable to include moves that help in sculpting the shoulders, back and oblique in revealing the stronger muscles that are beneath. The exercises that help to improve posture are also a great choice.


It is advisable to engage in cardio and quality strength training. However, yoga is even better when you are targeting the back fat.

Eat small amounts

During the battle against the back bulge it would be important to choose foods that are healthier and also ensure that you cook some cleaner recipes.

Shop wisely

While this will not help you to get rid of the back fat, it will definitely help you to feel more comfortable. In case the bulge around the bra area is a source of concern, you may need to shop for muffin tops and bras that is one size up. When you wear some flattering clothes, it will be possible for you to feel more confident.