Best Supplements For Muscle Growth

Muscles are not just build out of exercises alone. One has to use all the ways possible to make sure he or she gets stronger with time. With regards to this, people use various muscle building supplements that are available on the market. Some of them are cheaper but others are more expensive and can only be afforded by a few. Are you looking for the best muscle supplements? If yes, simply make sure you consider the following options.


Ask anyone who has trained for stronger muscle growth and he or she will tell you that it was not all out of the exercises. They had to use supplements as they train for maximum upshots. Creatine is one of the most commonly used muscle supplements that is available on the market. This is a substance that is naturally available in the body muscles. It is also available in synthetic form and therefore, you can easily purchase it for faster muscle growth. One needs to take at least 5 to 10 grams every day.

what is the best cardio for weight loss

Beta – alanine

This is a non-essential amino acid that is also available in the body. The supplements are available in protein foods such as meat and poultry. This substance improves muscle growth through increasing the level of another essential component of the muscles known as carnosine. During various sets of exercises, one of the toxic substances that build up in the muscles is hydrogen which as a result increases the acidity. Therefore, this supplement helps to delay the build-up of the hydrogen and allows the maximum activity.

Whey protein

When you exercise, one of the things you put in your mind is to get stronger and healthier muscles. This does not just come by. You need to supplement your body with proteins that can help them grow stronger. Therefore, one of the most commonly used supplements is whey protein. If you have never used it before, it is high time that you try it out for maximum performance. There are many people who use the same and you should have no reason to panic. As your trainer for the right quantity to take on a daily basis.


The Best Cardio Exercises For Weight Loss

In the recent past, obesity has proven to be a big challenge for many people especially in developed nations. This is particularly due to our unhealthy lifestyle where we consume a lot of harmful processed foods as well as packed foods. This is on top of the lack of physical activity. The good news is that with cardio activities, it is possible to take control of your health and achieve that toned look. This is on top of the fact that you don’t have to join a gym in order to perform these workouts.

Jumping ropes

This workout is not only inexpensive but it is an age-old one that can help you to lose up to 220 calories in a period of 20 minutes. This is without doubt a good cardio workout. You can practice it anywhere in your house or even when travelling. It will help to shape the lower body muscles, legs and butt to achieve that figure you have bee envying.

Spot jogging

This is the easiest cardio workout that you can practice on a daily basis and in the luxury of your home in case you do not feel like you should hit the gym. The good news is that it is even possible to squeeze the hassle free exercises into your busy schedule. By spot jogging for a period of 30 minutes, it will be possible to burn up to 270 calories. This will also help to ensure that cardio problems are kept at bay.

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Squat jumps

These plyometric exercises are a great choice for burning fat. They can be included in nearly all the high cardio workouts that are suitable for increasing strength. They are also effective in toning leg muscles such as quadriceps, hamstrings and calves.

Jumping jacks

This is a cardio workout that is not only high impact but is also effective in working your whole body. By jumping jacks for a period of 10 minutes, it is possible to burn up to 100 calories.

Try these best cardio workouts for weight loss and you will see results.

How To Lose Back Fat

There is no fun in having to deal with a bulge in the back. However, it is possible to get your desired shapes with just but a bit of effort. When you target certain parts of the body in your bid to burn fat, this may fail to work. The good news is that there are some tips that you can use to get results faster.


If you are wondering how to lose back fat, you will need to begin by becoming serious with cardios. The USDA reports that a good idea would be  to perform sessions that lasts for 60 minutes and for 5 days in a week. If you are searching for cardios that are more intense, you should choose interval training which should alternate between pushing the body and taking some rest. This will ensure that you benefit from the after burn effect. The body usually burns more calories when you are resting.

Best Way To Build Muscle Mass


It is advisable to include moves that help in sculpting the shoulders, back and oblique in revealing the stronger muscles that are beneath. The exercises that help to improve posture are also a great choice.


It is advisable to engage in cardio and quality strength training. However, yoga is even better when you are targeting the back fat.

Eat small amounts

During the battle against the back bulge it would be important to choose foods that are healthier and also ensure that you cook some cleaner recipes.

Shop wisely

While this will not help you to get rid of the back fat, it will definitely help you to feel more comfortable. In case the bulge around the bra area is a source of concern, you may need to shop for muffin tops and bras that is one size up. When you wear some flattering clothes, it will be possible for you to feel more confident.

How To Lose Thigh Fat

Losing thigh fat can be quite challenging. However, with the right strategy it is possible. Here are a few tips that will help you to lose the unwanted fat on the thigh.

Increase cardio workouts

If you would like to reduce your overall fat in the body, you will need to burn calories. One of the best exercises that can help you to do this is the heart-thumping exercises. However, you need to choose those which will help you to lose the most calories such as running, jumping rope and biking. On top of losing thigh fat, these exercises will also help you to tone your legs when engaging in them. It is advisable to engage in sessions that last for 60 minutes  and for 5 times in a week if you are to see any difference.

How To Lose Side Fat

Get high

You will need to pump up the incline of the treadmill .Another option would to run or bike up an incline. You can also take the stairs at home. This will help to increase your heart rate and this is an indication that you are not only working out harder but you are burning  more calories as compared to when you stick to a surface that is flat. Inclines are also a god option for the hamstrings, tush and thighs and this helps to tone the lower body.

Spot tone

When you engage in cardio to get rid of the extra layer that surrounds the lower body, you will reveal some strong and toned muscles below the surface. When you engage in moves that sculpt the inner as well as outer thighs, butt and hamstrings, this helps to ensure that your legs are slimmer and leaner.

Fuel the day

You will definitely not want to skip that first meal of your day as it helps you to jumpstart the metabolism and this helps to reduce the overall fat in your body to reveal those leaner legs. Avoid the sugary meals that have refined carbs and instead take a combination of protein together with the complex carbs that are filled with fibers. The proteins will help you to get energy and this will help you to feel pumped up during that morning exercises. For ideas on how to lose thigh fat, contact Muscle Prodigy.

The Right Way to Do Squat Workouts

Many people out there consider squats to be exercises for the leg. However, this is not the case and it is actually a full body workout that plays a role in the workout of all body muscles. On top of this, it is able to mimic the natural mjumping-squats-indian-weight-lossovement in our everyday life. This means that in regard to strength training, squats are usually the most important exercises.

If you are looking to gain some strength, or even lose weight, you should consider engaging in squats. In case this is your first time to Squat, you may feel intimidated about starting this form of exercise or fear certain squat problems. One thing you need to realize is that squats are some of the foundational functional movements that are necessary in our lives. You have been squatting since your infancy and as you get
older, it continues to become harder for you to squat in that natural position.

Squats fall under the compound exercises. This means that the movement may use more than one joint-the knee and hip joints in order to be completed. When you engage in just but a simple squat, it uses nearly every muscle group in your body. On top of the legs, you will be using the hips, the back as well as core. This is on top of the arms and shoulders. Therefore, you use everything in the monster exercise. For more squat workouts tips, you should get in touch with Muscle Prodigy.

How to get ripped in a month

It could be that you aren’t comfortable with your body. If that describes you, you should not worry as there are millions of other people from all over the world who aren’t happy with their looks and are wondering how to get ripped in a month. If you would like a body that will earn the admiration of your friends and enemies alike, you will need to work very hard. You will need to come up with a plan that can work for you.

how to get ripped with limited time

If you want to know how to get ripped, there are various ways of doing this. Some people will do it by going to the gym but others train at home. However, one common thing that these people go through is the difficulty they face. While most people try to get ripped, all they do is to add a lot of cardio while cutting on their calories. They get to a point where they feel drained and end up losing their patience.

When considering how to get lean, there are 2 important factors. First, you will need to incorporate demanding exercises whose purpose will be to increase heart rate. Secondly you must ensure that rest period remain relatively short. You should also ensure that you adhere to it. This means that you should avoid getting distracted by the new girl who comes in with a hot yoga pant to make your rest period longer.

Remember that the goal is to do circuits that alternate between the lower and the upper body movement (the goal here is to increase metabolism) while ensuring that the reps remain fairly high. Therefore, if you are training for mass or strength, you choice of weight should be lighter than usual.

One thing that is clear is that interval training is a good thing if you are wondering how to get ripped abs and you should also utilize it as part of your overall program. Interval training consists of work as well as rest periods. Muscle Prodigy is just the justify partner for people who are wondering how to get ripped.

How to get motivated to lose weight

We all know the benefits of losing weight.  Unfortunately, it is never easy to achieve your desired weight. No matter, how hard you try; you can find yourself losing focus. The good news is that there are some measures that you can use to ensure that you have motivation to lose weight.

Have a realistic goal

When you make statements such as “I will lose 40 pounds in the next few month”, you are only setting yourself up for failure. This is why you should have a realistic and attainable goal. To lose weight, you should try to go slow about steady. You can aim to lose a few pounds every week.

Have a weight loss partner

motivation to lose weight, how to stay motivated to lose weight, motivation for losing weightWhen you have a weight loss partner, you will have someone to be your motivation for losing weight. The person can help you to either eat better or stick to your exercise regimen. It can also help to have a person with whom you can go for grocery shopping with.

Join a class

If it doesn’t seem feasible to have a workout buddy, you should consider joining a class. This will help to keep you motivated as you will feel guilty when you fall behind the rest of the class. You can also join a dance class, yoga or even kickboxing class. There are many options that you can choose from and all you will need is to explore.

Have an exercise log

When you write down the progress, you will be able to keep track of how well you are doing. You can do this by having an exercise and food log where you write down what you have been doing every day, the calories you have burnt and whether you are getting any closer to the goal. In case you have buddies, you can share with them so that you have extra responsibility.

If you would like to learn about “How to get motivated to lose weight?” you can contact Muscle Prodigy.