What Are The Best Ways To Increase Your Bench Press

Before you even begin to think of how to increase your bench press, it is advisable to ensure that you are using a spotter for the sake of your own safety. There are many people out there who end up getting hurt because they try to get too heavy even without the spot.

It is important to ensure that you play it safe. If you have been training alone, you will need to start using the spot. This will be an important decision as when you roll that heavy weight from the ribcages to your thigh before sitting up with the weight while on the lap, this can end leaving some tracks that are pretty mean.

what is the best cardio for weight loss

A good idea of engaging in any premise of a routine is a basic overload. This will mean that in each week, you will be putting in more stress on muscles. In order to achieve this, you will need to add some smaller amounts of weight to a bar every week. The progressive load will force your body to grow to enable it to adapt to increasing stress levels even though you may not be training to a level of failure apart from during the last sets.

As you bench, it is important to ensure that the eyes remain below the bar with the shoulder blades getting squeezed together and the chest getting held high. This will provide you with a better base from where to push from.

The point where the chest touches the bar will vary from one person to the other. The most important thing is to ensure that this feels natural without having to place a lot of stress on the shoulder. In order to achieve the best results, you will need to start with some lighter weights that what you normally use for the purposes of benching.


How to increase your bench press

The most famous weight lifting exercise in the gyms is the bench press. For strength training beginners, it is usually among the first workouts to be learnt. Unfortunately,most people do not know how to do it properly. Are you having problems with your current bench press techniques? This article will give you tips on how to increase your bench press.

Do proper lifting

There are proper ways to deal with the weight when bench pressing. To start with, ensure that the thumbs are firmly wrapped around the bar to prevent any accidental slip of the weight; this is a very important aspect in stabilizing the shoulders and it shows that the weight lifter is ready to press. Also, fix your two feet stably on the ground for greater strength and stability: keeping the feet on the bench or hanging in the air is very wrong. The neck should be placed at a neutral position to avoid injury. You should never curve your back or bounce any weight off your chest- this is deadly.

Build your triceps

If you want to press greater weights, you need to increase the strength of your triceps by doing for example dips and rope press-downs.

Tighten your glutes

As you bench press with the glutes squeezed, the stability of the body increases hence more power for the workout.

Boost the strength of your back

The back renders the strength and support necessary for any physical activity. A strong back is a guarantee for greater bench presses.

compound vs isolation exercises

Healthy nutrition

A healthy and clean diet works best for weight lifters. Take a lot of proteins for muscle building, moderate carbohydrates intake, and drink a lot of water to keep you hydrated. You can also take vitamin and protein supplements to boost your strength.


Breathing is extremely imperative for any exercise. Before taking the weight down, breathe deeply and then hold; then on your way up, do a slow exhalation. So, breathing is another way of attaining stability by creating tension on your chest muscles.

Take time for recovery

What most people don’t know is that rest enhances the healing process. You also require recovery periods between the sets of bench press. Most importantly get enough sleep.

All You Need To Know About Full Body Strength Training

The decision to lose weight does not mean you are not beautiful or perfect the way you are. You simply want to be the best possible version of yourself and that is something you should be proud of.  Making a decision for full body strength training can be life-changing in many ways-uncomfortable even- so below are some pointers on how to make the adjustment smoother;

Analyze what and how you eat

Before starting on your weight loss journey, you need to know what you are up against so that you can know what unhealthy foods to strike out.  Analyze what foods you eat and check on the calories they contain from credible nutrition facts sites so as to know what to cut down on. You also need to include foods that burn fat fast into your diet.


Chest Exercises For Men

Move Your Body

Before you start exercising, try to learn the chest training tips. If you have never considered this lifestyle of working out you may take it a little harder than someone with a daily routine. But worry not, there are some small adjustments you can make to make this as painless and as enjoyable as possible. For one, you could get yourself cool or cute working out clothes; looking good does translate to feeling good. You could also make a list of your favorite energetic and pumped-up songs to listen to as you run through the neighborhood.  Basically, do everything in your power to make this transition work; otherwise backsliding to couch potato days will be very easy.

Keep a food diary

A popular mantra is that you cannot compete with what you eat. After working out you cannot sit down and chomp down burgers and pizzas then expect to see improvement. Ultimate chest workout must include healthy eating in order to complement all your hard work of exercises and runs. This entails eating a balanced diet and so no filing up too much of one food group on your plate for every meal. This will deprive your body of other vital nutrients offered by other foods.

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How To Lose Thigh Fat

Losing thigh fat can be quite challenging. However, with the right strategy it is possible. Here are a few tips that will help you to lose the unwanted fat on the thigh.

Increase cardio workouts

If you would like to reduce your overall fat in the body, you will need to burn calories. One of the best exercises that can help you to do this is the heart-thumping exercises. However, you need to choose those which will help you to lose the most calories such as running, jumping rope and biking. On top of losing thigh fat, these exercises will also help you to tone your legs when engaging in them. It is advisable to engage in sessions that last for 60 minutes  and for 5 times in a week if you are to see any difference.

How To Lose Side Fat

Get high

You will need to pump up the incline of the treadmill .Another option would to run or bike up an incline. You can also take the stairs at home. This will help to increase your heart rate and this is an indication that you are not only working out harder but you are burning  more calories as compared to when you stick to a surface that is flat. Inclines are also a god option for the hamstrings, tush and thighs and this helps to tone the lower body.

Spot tone

When you engage in cardio to get rid of the extra layer that surrounds the lower body, you will reveal some strong and toned muscles below the surface. When you engage in moves that sculpt the inner as well as outer thighs, butt and hamstrings, this helps to ensure that your legs are slimmer and leaner.

Fuel the day

You will definitely not want to skip that first meal of your day as it helps you to jumpstart the metabolism and this helps to reduce the overall fat in your body to reveal those leaner legs. Avoid the sugary meals that have refined carbs and instead take a combination of protein together with the complex carbs that are filled with fibers. The proteins will help you to get energy and this will help you to feel pumped up during that morning exercises. For ideas on how to lose thigh fat, contact Muscle Prodigy.

How to build muscle mass fast

Today, many people are moving towards adopting the natural ways of building their body muscles as a way of staying healthy. There are various ways that can help you build muscle mass fast if you cohere to them accordingly. The following ways have been elaborated for you. Focus on each keenly.2eeeaca014a3805a37c39fabe72f3834Have a balanced diet

One of the major secrets of building your body mass within the shortest time possible is by maintaining a constant balanced diet. For instance, you need protein foods such as lean meat and whole eggs for the repair and growth of body tissues. Carbohydrate foods such as sweet potatoes also contain fibers. These generally provide energy through glucose while the fibers reduce excess uptake of lipids. Lipids are also important but they should be taken in less amounts to avoid obesity and accumulation of fat in the adipose tissue. Vegetables and fruits should also be included to provide vitamins and mineral salts.

Do regular exercise

This should not just be one. You need to master a number of simple exercises that burn fat fast so that you can do them at a regular basis. You need to do each at a time for at least 30 minutes before taking a rest. If you are a dummy in this sector, it will be worth spending a few coins for hiring a professional personnel who can teach you everything. Even as you these, make sure you maintain a regular intake of balanced diet.

The period for the exercise

Apart from just knowing how to perform them, you need to the regular interval within which you should change from one exercise to another. If in case of burning fat fast, you need to maintain half an hour basis each day, set aside for these exercises.

Rest after each exercise

You are not a robot to keep doing the exercise continuously. Your body is metabolizing multiple nutrients and therefore, you need to know when to take a rest. Make sure that when you feel tired, you stop the exercise and rest the muscles to allow the body in synthesizing more energy.
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Important Points on Best Way to Build Muscle Mass

Most of the people go to the gym with the aim of having that super muscle size just after lifting several kilograms for a short time. The truth is that muscle building is process that requires patience, consistency and a lot of knowledge on bodybuilding. It is not just a process that occurs by lifting any weight. In fact there is a possibility that you can lift weights for a while year and still retain the same muscle mass. The following are key points on how to build muscle mass.

bodybuilder in training room

Lift weights beyond your muscle capacity

The only way that the muscle is going to realize that it is not business as usual is by introducing weights beyond its capacity. If you lift the same weight every day then you are going to be having the same muscle mass every day. Building muscle mass involves improving steadily on the weight you lift until you get to the right mass.

Being consistent on a certain weight

Consistency is not something that is interesting to every body builder. We all want to try out every weight in the gym and feel the heat. The best technique on how to build mass involves sticking to that weight above the muscle capacity for some time.

Allowing your muscles time to relax

Muscles just like any other living tissue want to be given time to generate proteins. In fact the best way on how to build muscle mass fast involves alternating on the muscles that you exercise to allow time to regenerate. The way to increase muscle mass is not just through workouts to build mass but also through allowing time for metabolism to occur. This is all you need to be that star you have always wanted to be. For more information on how to gain muscle mass, contact muscle prodigy.

Amazing Tips on How to Build Biceps and Triceps Fast

Bigger arms not only make a man look handsome and masculine but they also make him better capable of handling daily chores which include physical work such as lifting, typing, and driving among others. With bigger biceps and triceps you will be able to wear short sleeved confidently. This is the reason why many people searchable to build biceps and triceps every day.

The following are some few tips on how to get bulging biceps

  1. Push-ups

When you do push-ups, you force your entire arms to support the weight of your body. In so doing, you exert pressure on not just the biceps and triceps but also the forceps and other muscles of the arm. Ensure that you do several push-ups every day and repeat the exercises regularly if you want to get quick results. Also ensure that you do these exercises to build bigger biceps on a mat or other comfortable surface since an uncomfortable surface may cause your body to get tired easily. You should do as many push-ups as your body can. With time, you will find that you can do more press-ups, rapidly without getting tired easily. This means that your biceps are growing and capable of supporting more body weight!

  1. Dumbbells

How To Build Biceps And Triceps

Lifting dumbbells will work on your biceps and triceps as well as on your chest. You should ensure that you lift dumbbells of a weight that is enough to challenge your body, but not too much to injure it. Do not lift extremely heavy dumbbells as they may injure your nerves and muscles. Start by lifting not so heavy dumbbells. As your biceps and triceps grow, you will find that you are now more able to lift heavier dumbbell without straining your body too much.

  1. Barbells

This is cited by some as the best way to build biceps fast. This is so because the weight is evenly distributed causing maximum overload to biceps. For start-up, begin with challenging weight amount. From standing position you can at least 3 sets, with at least 10 reps for each seat from standing position. With time, as your biceps and triceps, grow bigger, you will be able to support more weight and thus you can increase the barbells weight.

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