How to Build Biceps And Triceps

Perhaps you feel dissatisfied with your flabby, weak or scrawny arms and you feel that you would be glad to get some big and lean arms. While it is not possible to get instant muscle growth, with handwork as well as smart exercise strategies, it is possible to begin seeing some notable results in only a few weeks or months. Here is how to build biceps and triceps.

Have an aggressive workout schedule

If you want to build those power arms, many fitness resources recommend that you start with a weightlifting regimen that emphasize on the upper-body workouts. One good thing with weightlifting is that you can set it at your own pace. When you put in more energy and time, you will see some better results. Even though there is no best way to build biceps, there are several tips that you need to bear in mind.

  • Try to do weightlifting in most days of the week

  • Avoid working out the same group of muscles two days consecutively. In order to grow, the muscles will require time for resting as well as repairing the damage that occurs from an exercise regimen. For example, when you exercise the triceps today you should focus on exercising the chest the next day.Exercises To Build BicepsAvoid focusing solely on arms. If you do this for a longer period of time, this will provide you with that lop side and bizarre look with some beefy arms but some scrawny core as well as lower body muscles. When trying to get the big and muscular arms, majority of users usually focus on the biceps. This is mostly due to the stereotype that they have of a bodybuilder’s image. Even though biceps aren’t the strongest muscles of the upper body, this muscle is important for various tasks such as pulling, lifting and stabilizing of heavy weights. Here are some few workouts that can help you to burn biceps.

  • Dumbbell curls/barbell

  • Hammer curls

To understand these and other best exercises for triceps, you should get in touch with Muscle Prodigy.


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