Amazing Tips on How to Build Biceps and Triceps Fast

Bigger arms not only make a man look handsome and masculine but they also make him better capable of handling daily chores which include physical work such as lifting, typing, and driving among others. With bigger biceps and triceps you will be able to wear short sleeved confidently. This is the reason why many people searchable to build biceps and triceps every day.

The following are some few tips on how to get bulging biceps

  1. Push-ups

When you do push-ups, you force your entire arms to support the weight of your body. In so doing, you exert pressure on not just the biceps and triceps but also the forceps and other muscles of the arm. Ensure that you do several push-ups every day and repeat the exercises regularly if you want to get quick results. Also ensure that you do these exercises to build bigger biceps on a mat or other comfortable surface since an uncomfortable surface may cause your body to get tired easily. You should do as many push-ups as your body can. With time, you will find that you can do more press-ups, rapidly without getting tired easily. This means that your biceps are growing and capable of supporting more body weight!

  1. Dumbbells

How To Build Biceps And Triceps

Lifting dumbbells will work on your biceps and triceps as well as on your chest. You should ensure that you lift dumbbells of a weight that is enough to challenge your body, but not too much to injure it. Do not lift extremely heavy dumbbells as they may injure your nerves and muscles. Start by lifting not so heavy dumbbells. As your biceps and triceps grow, you will find that you are now more able to lift heavier dumbbell without straining your body too much.

  1. Barbells

This is cited by some as the best way to build biceps fast. This is so because the weight is evenly distributed causing maximum overload to biceps. For start-up, begin with challenging weight amount. From standing position you can at least 3 sets, with at least 10 reps for each seat from standing position. With time, as your biceps and triceps, grow bigger, you will be able to support more weight and thus you can increase the barbells weight.

If you want to learn how to build big biceps fast, Muscle Prodigy can help you do it. You will find experts who will help you through the process to realize your dreams fast.


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